The marriage bazaar in Shanghai – when ‘ ’ meets farmer’s market

The marriage bazaar in Shanghai – when ‘ ’ meets farmer’s market

Every Saturday and Sunday, between noon and five in the afternoon, regardless of the weather, the People’s Park in Shanghai in China is crowded with parents of unmarried kids, who come to participate in the marriage market. On the walls of the avenues, hundreds of resumes and messages are hung by their parents, often without the knowledge of their children. On the resumes are written or printed the vital statistics of their offspring, the things that matter to the Chinese when seeking prospective brides or grooms for their children – height, age, income, education, Chinese zodiac sign, and whether they own a car or an apartment. The parents walk around chatting with other parents to see if there is a harmonious fit only after their children’s standards are met. Although the right to choose your own spouse has long been established in China, Chinese parents still feel the need to try and set their children up, because they feel that their children are either too busy or are not actively looking. Traditionally, parents arranged their children’s marriages. The first step is to establish contact between the parents on both sides, and if the parents agree to contact, then they will allow their children to go further. Many young people find the idea embarrassing, but for their parents, it is the last resort and the only way to uphold a traditional dating style for their children in modern China.

Glut of women at Shanghai’s marriage market

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The parents view it as a way to uphold traditional dating for their children, i. Parents will hold signs, or have advertisements dangling from strips or placed on top of umbrellas. This market is an information exchange market. The currency is both the information, but also, of course, the adults who are trying to be married off by their parents. If both sets of parents believe that the matching will be successful, they set up their kids on a blind date, whether they like it or not.

This marriage market is unique as it involves many different kinds of currency, exchanges, sellers and buyers. Often, they will approach any person they see in the park and try to convince them to marry their child.

Tinder Has Nothing on Shanghai’s Bustling Marriage Market

Observers have called it “match. Personal ads dangle from strings, sit atop open umbrellas, or are held aloft by parents standing still as statues. The marriage market runs for five hours each weekend afternoon, rain or shine. If both parents find a pairing that seems like it may work, they swap contact information and try to set the kids up on a blind date. Success rates vary widely depending on whom you’re asking: Many parents say they’ve whiled away years with no results, while Gu and fellow matchmakers proclaim that entrusting them with a personal ad “almost always works.

Chinese parents often say that seeing their children married and their grandchildren born are their final tasks in life, and at the marriage market they take personal charge of that mission.

Answer 1 of What time of day does the Marriage Market start in People’s Park​? Somebody told me it is in the “afternoon” on Saturdays and Sundays.

Meet Market with Chinese Characteristics. After all, amidst all the international brands and skyscrapers, the whole idea seems rather anachronistic. While the marriage market certainly seems like something from another era, it is, in fact, a relatively recent response to changing demographics and social conditions, having started in the early s.

The primary goal of attending the wedding market is for parents to find a suitable partner for their child. Modern ideas of love had little relevance, as marriage was more about solidifying or advancing the social or sometimes financial or political status of the family. Think part blind date, part job interview, with your bossiest relatives doing most of the talking for you.

Since the late s, however, the rapid development of a market economy and attendant urbanization have conspired to disrupt these traditional practices. As has happened in other countries, the average age of marriage has slowly risen in China along with levels of education and income. The one-child policy has raised the stakes even further, leaving many parents determined to find a good match for their one and only child.

The first thing many visitors notice is the lack of people of marriageable age at the market. For the posts generation, it is often considered embarrassing to be advertised at marriage markets. The reality is that it rarely does.

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People have their own preferences in an ideal partner, along with their own strengths and weaknesses. But in a country as heavily populated as China, with over 1. In the digital age, Tinder is one of the go-to methods of finding either a hookup, a long-term partner, or something in between.

The Shanghai marriage market, visualized. Turns out that this is a typical scene at this particular park every Sunday, when droves of overly concerned parents.

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Some of it may look familiar, some of it looks exotic and some of it.. Our neighborhood is full of exotic, curious rituals and traditions. Meander the small backstreets of the neighborhood and let us know what you encounter!

Visit Shanghai Marriage Market | What you should know

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. Old hand — Liu Jianle is a veteran of the Shanghai marriage market. He has already found a wife for his son.

This is the Shanghai marriage market (translated literally, the “blind date corner”), and Gu is one of dozens of matchmakers who hawk potential.

Technology has given us the gift of choice. With apps to manage everything from what type of Thai food we want delivered to which model of car we summon to drive us down the road, the modern world has allowed us to curate our lives to a degree our grandparents would find baffling. So when it comes to sex—where our tastes vary a lot more than they do for take-out or transport—it’s no surprise that a vast global industry has been built around choosing the right mate.

Biting at its heels came other imitators and twists on the same format, like Hinge connects you with friends of friends , Bumble women have to message first , and a multitude of options including choosing people according to the size of their Instagram following, their religion and whether or not they went to private school. These apps were born in the US and quickly spread to Europe, but Asia—with a distinct dating behaviour and a different set of social norms and expectations—needed apps that tapped into local culture.

In China, this kicked off with Tantan, which operates almost identically to Tinder. But it quickly outclassed its American doppelganger by attracting a significantly higher proportion of users in China, particularly outside of mega-hubs like Beijing and Shanghai. Interestingly, Tantan is very vocal about how focused it is on relationships, rather than casual dating.

Yu Wang, the founder of Tantan , says he is solving a societal problem brought about by young Chinese people moving to cities for work, often to places where they have no families or strong friendship circles. Very few young people go to bars and pubs. Another Chinese app, Momo , has got more of a hook-up reputation and is particularly popular with ex-pats living in China make of that what you will. This has proved popular in a culture where people are generally more reserved about approaching someone, even on dating apps, than they are in other parts of the world.

The traditional Tinder: Why matchmaking families flock to Shanghai’s Marriage Market

Early last month, I asked a group of young professionals a question: where can I get to know retired people in Shanghai? It is a sanctuary with trees, ponds and winding brick paths in the very heart of the city center. Parents in their 50s, 60s, and even 70s gather there to find life partners for their children fig. Personal profiles of singles dangle from strings, lie on floor, are held aloft by parents, and most of them are clipped atop open umbrellas fig.

The ACCC’s internet sweep focused on the online dating industry in recognition that dating and romance scams account for over 30 per cent of total financial.

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Chow knows exactly what he wants in a guy: She also must be a doctor, at least 1. Now 40, Chow has been actively looking for his legendary lady for a full decade.

Age, Height, Education: Shanghai parents’ search for the perfect bride

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