Amanda Seyfried kisses Hugh Jackman as she celebrates her birthday with Les Miserables cast

Amanda Seyfried kisses Hugh Jackman as she celebrates her birthday with Les Miserables cast

By Lucy Buckland and Hanna Flint. But as the pretty actress celebrated her 27th birthday with her Les Miserables cast members, their father-daughter relationship was transported from the screen to reality as she planted an affectionate kiss on the Australian actor. This show of love came just as Amanda was presented a rather chocolatey birthday cake at the New York screening of the British made musical. Scroll down for the video. Fatherly support: Amanda Seyfried plants an affectionate kiss on co-star Hugh Jackman who plays her guardian in the film adaption of Les Miserables. But before the Dear John actress blew out her candles, Hugh led the guests into a chorus of Happy Birthday whilst she stood on a chair for all to behold. Holding a microphone and Amanda’s hand the year olf serenaded his co-star who looked rather overwhelmed. And like a good dad – he has two adopted kids with wife Deborra Lee-Furness – Hugh made sure to keep Amanda balanced whilst she leaned in to blow out the candles on top of the chocolate and strawberry cake.

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Eddie Redmayne scored the lead role in The Danish Girl thanks to his “certain gender fluidity”, director Tom Hooper has revealed. The Oscar-winning actor will play transgender artist Lili Elbe, who rose to fame after undergoing one of the world’s first gender reassignment surgeries in the Twenties. Redmayne’s casting has been criticised by trans activists , some of whom argue that despite his talent, trans roles should be given to trans actors to make use of their deeper understanding of the community and provide them with opportunities in the industry.

But Hooper has defended Redmayne, who married publicist Hannah Bagshawe earlier this year, insisting that he was the only actor he considered for the challenging part. I was a a great believer in him as an actor,” he told Screen Daily. Hooper added that he thought Redmayne would be tempted by the role after feeling “that there was something in him that was drawn to the feminine” that he might wish to explore. The director, best known for Les Miserables and The King’s Speech , said that there is a “tremendous pool of talented trans actors out there” who should have the same access to opportunities as cisgendered actors, but admitted there is still “a long way to go”.

Earlier this month, Redmayne shared how much he learned about gender and sexuality while preparing to play Elbe and thanked trans men and women for being so “kind and generous with their experiences”. Trans activist Paris Lees, who helped Redmayne with his research, told Out magazine that while she is politically against cis actors playing trans roles, “if anybody’s going to do this justice it’s Eddie”.

The drama premieres at the Venice Film Festival on 5 September.

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Single and indecisive, Eddie Ben Stiller begins dating the incredibly sexy and seemingly fabulous Lila. Upon the urging of his father and best friend, Eddie proposes to her after only a week, fearing this may be his last chance at love, marriage, and happiness. However, while on their honeymoon in sunny Mexico, Lila reveals her true beyond-awful nature and Eddie meets Miranda, the woman he realizes to be his actual soul mate.

Amanda Seyfried Samantha Banks Photos – (L-R) Amanda Seyfried, Eddie (​L-R) Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, and Samantha Barks attend the Amanda Seyfried Dating History; ‘Lovelace’ Pictures; Emile Hirsch.

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Amanda Seyfried dating history, , , list of Amanda Seyfried relationships. Amanda Seyfried in Amanda Seyfried & Eddie Redmayne: Night of Heroes!

Amanda Seyfried is a serious hugger. For example, one rainy Friday morning in early April, as I arrive in the rehearsal room at Second Stage Theatre at Forty-third Street and Eighth Avenue, Seyfried, wearing black jeans and a hoodie, leaps out of her folding metal chair and wraps her whole tiny little self around me, hanging on for a bit longer than customary.

Something familiar. Though Seyfried, who turns 30 later this year, has been working in TV and film since she was a teenager, this is her first play. A few years ago, she famously downed a couple of shots of Jameson to calm her nerves before going on Letterman and appeared drunk on TV. In the rehearsal room, Seyfried and her costar, Thomas Sadoski an accomplished stage actor known for his work on TV in The Newsroom and The Slap , along with Silverman and LaBute, are sitting around a big, square table picking apart every line of dialogue.

Because this is a morning-after play about two people who got drunk at a wedding reception and had sex for the first time, and because the scene they are working on is one in which Seyfried appears nude, tries to initiate intimacy, and is rebuffed by her lover, the assembled group is in the midst of a very specific conversation about oral sex. As in: What situation would cause a man to turn down a blow job from a very beautiful naked woman he is wildly attracted to?

I give these two people a fair chance. LaBute has been honing the script since Seyfried was cast to play to her strengths. It is noon, and everyone breaks for lunch. Seyfried walks me to the elevator. I ask.

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Amanda Seyfried attends the Met Costume Institute Gala on May 4. to Les Miserables, where she mostly acted opposite Eddie Redmayne.

She wants to be a pop star when she grows up, so they had dancers come in, and we did this whole routine. It was superfun. I was such a string bean. I was, like, ten. I thought [modeling] was glamorous. I thought I was special because I got to do it. So stupid. It was my first movie. I was like, ‘What’s all this free food doing here?

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Amanda plays Cosette, who is unknowingly part of a love triangle leaving Eponine (Samantha Barks) heartbroken when Marius (Eddie.

Not since Nicole Kidman made porcelain skin popular in the ’90s has an actress looked so stunning with the un-sun kissed look. Amanda Seyfried, fresh off a promotional visit to South Korea, clearly let her self-tanner at home as the year-old stepped out with super pale legs when heading to an appointment in Paris on Tuesday. The sun-free look worked well with a tres chic beige and black ensemble. Amanda Seyfried Crewneck Sweater – Amanda Seyfried gave her casual style a nautical touch with a striped sweater.

The year-old actress, who will next be seen in the comedy sequel Ted 2, let her mane do the talking as she wore nothing fancier than a T-shirt and jeans for the casual day out. She’s been working with luxury French brand Givenchy for three years.

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I love being in love, and playing in love,” says Amanda Seyfried. Seyfried can say little more about her character Beth, as the play promises more than a few surprises and plot twists. What she is able to reveal is that it is LaBute’s “most romantic and his most inspiring play.

Posts about Amanda Seyfried written by dullwood But just as they begin dating, a late night TV show shines a spotlight on Eddie’s clapper activities, and.

She gained prominence following her feature film debut in the teen comedy Mean Girls and her recurring role as Lilly Kane on the UPN television series Veronica Mars — Seyfried went to gain leading roles in a number of successful films, starring in the musical feature film Mamma Mia! She has also occasionally done voice-work in animation such as Epic and Scoob! Seyfried was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania , on December 3, She has an older sister, Jennifer Seyfried, a musician in the Philadelphia organ-driven rock band Love City.

During Seyfried’s time modeling, she appeared in the printed ads for clothing companies including Limited Too with Leighton Meester , and was featured on three covers of the Sweet Valley High novel series. She began acting as an extra in the daytime drama television series Guiding Light. While she was initially considered to play the lead role of Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan , the producers of the film decided that Seyfried should play Karen Smith, Regina’s dim-witted “Plastic” friend and sidekick.

The same year she played supporting character, Mouse, in the independent film American Gun. Seyfried also contributed a minor role as Julie Beckley in Alpha Dog. Seyfried’s profile gained prominence due to her role in the highly acclaimed HBO drama television series Big Love. The series centers on a fictional fundamentalist Mormon family, in which Seyfried plays Sarah Henrickson , Bill and Barb’s first daughter, who struggles with her family’s polygamous faith.

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As a member of a very stacked cast— Meryl Streep! Colin Firth! Christine Baranski! Andy Garcia! At the beginning of the sequel, Sky, on a business trip in New York, and Sophie find themselves grappling with the challenges of a temporarily long-distance relationship.

Amanda Seyfried and Hugh Jackman play onscreen guardian and ward in the Amanda Seyfried, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Eddie.

Corral and The Magnificent Seven — handles the twists and turns with confidence and no small amount of directorial flair. Ah, the underdog. The plucky, conscientious, yet continually overlooked underdog. How many times have we seen this scenario in a movie? And how many times have we seen the underdog, after many trials and tribulations, find a way to come out on top?

Which leads us to Gringo , the second feature from Nash Edgerton, and another example of the underdog story. Here, the underdog is Harold Soyinka Oyelowo , a Nigerian-born executive at a US pharmaceutical company, Cannabax Technologies Inc, who finds himself in trouble with a Mexican drugs cartel. Gringo is the kind of black comedy thriller that always seems to attract a great cast, but which then spends a lot of time and effort in giving them hardly anything to do, or to work with.

Byrne, Brenda Vaccaro, Leah Remini. Eddie Krumble Helms is a professional clapper, a paid audience member of informercials who sometimes gets paid extra for asking a question, or standing out from the crowd in some other way. The burgeoning romance between Eddie and Judy is handled with a lightness of touch that is magnified by the just-this-side of overbearingly cute performances by Helms and Seyfried.

In their capable hands, what could have been sickly and off-putting is instead winning and delightful, a meeting of unsure hearts and minds with each needing to protect themselves as much as possible while also trying to find the courage to make a commitment. But where the movie really works is in its depiction of the emotional troubles affecting Eddie, and his consternation at being singled out.

Helms is terrific as Eddie, a man just trying to get along without being noticed, and trying to put a devastating trauma behind him.

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